• Highea ultrasound units

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      Advanced functions

      Thanks to the heating function the temperature can range from 30 to 80 °C with 5 °C setting steps.
      LED lights indicate set temperature and current temperature at all times.
      The Highea ultrasound tank lets you select a wash time from 1 to 30 minutes.
      It's also possible to wash continuously for an indefinite time.

      Ultrasound technology

      Ultrasound washing uses special piezoelectric oscillation systems that transform high frequency energy into mechanical energy, generating millions of micro-bubbles in the in-tank liquid.
      The compression exerted by the vibrating waves fills the micro-bubbles, causing them to implode.
      This generates high-energy jets that strip dirt from the surfaces of the immersed objects, cleaning even those parts that are most difficult to reach and hidden holes.

      Load volumes for every need

      Available in three sizes, Highea ultrasound tanks are perfect whatever the surgery's space or load requirements.
      The 3-litre tank is suitable for loads of up to 1 kg, while the 6-litre version has a maximum capacity of 5 kg. The 9-litre tank can hold loads of up to 6 kg.

      Complete equipment set

      All Highea ultrasound tank models come with a standard equipment set complete with two beakers and a beaker holder.
      These containers are essential for washing very small instruments or when you need to use different detergents or disinfectants during the same wash.